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Jesper Pate
First Appearance Comic 152
Species Human
Gender Male

Jesper Pate is the mayor (or king) of an as-yet unnamed "big city by the ocean" (see Comic 157). He invests money in ventures like the archeophile's mine to search for lost pre-Blink technologies. He employs the powerful Mr. Church as henchman.


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Jesper appears below average in height and physique, with a slight paunch. He has thick brown hair and eyebrows. He wears suspenders and a bow tie, as well as glowing glasses (possibly like those worn by Dale in Questionable Content).


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Knowledge and AbilitiesEdit

Jesper is a smooth talker with political power. He appears to have a keen mind, and knows legends about times before The Blink.

He used to be spry (see Comic 155).


Jesper seems friendly and eloquent, but his smile belies a fearsome hunger for power. He is willing to unleash violence to get his way, without compunction.

Family & RelationshipsEdit

Jesper has numerous subordinates and employees. Mr Church appears to be his right-hand man.

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